Newsflash: Crazed clown attacks wife in front of live audience.
Theatre and reality collide in a dramatic climax of truly operatic proportions when Canio discovers his wife has eyes for another. “Laugh, clown, and everyone will applaud, at your broken love!” he exclaims in one of opera’s most legendary tenor arias. This is an intense drama of sexual jealousy and revenge and is perfect for newcomers to opera to see what the fuss is about!  Pagliacci is gut-wrenching and visceral, and when the laughter turns to tears, we have a window into how a jealousy-driven rage can turn betrayal into vengeance. Counselling and support are better options but this is opera!!


Director – Paulo Montoya  Conductor – Steven Stanke

  • Canio : Daniel Sloman
  • Nedda : Qestra Mulqueeny
  • Tonio : Simon Meadows
  • Beppe : Alastair Colgrave
  • Silvio : Chris Lewis
  • Plus chorus, children’s chorus and Sydney Independent Opera Orchestra

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