Musical: Findr – The musical theatre that questions your digital identity. (An interview with the composer)

So excited to be a part of this new Australian work, Findr – a dramatic song cycle about two people who catfish each other.

“They say in musical theatre that songs occur when the emotion of a situation is too much for a character to bear. However, what happens if singing is the norm in a work and there is no dialogue? What happens when the emotion for the character is too much to bear?”

Here is a link to an article from CutCommon – an interview with the composer, Adrian Kingwell.  Read here to hear his creative process, and get an insight into how this project all came together!

What do you hope audiences will take away from your song cycle?

Firstly, I hope they enjoy it!

Secondly, I hope, in the best way possible, it challenges their preconceptions of what musical theatre is and what classical music is, respectively.

Finally, I hope it makes them ask themselves, would I ever catfish someone?”

Findr-Prod-1 Findr-Prod-2

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