Musical: Findr (April 28)

findr_new_imageContemporary musical theatre from composer Adrian Kingwell:
Another night at home, another night in front of their screens. 

Troy and Emma are on opposite sides of the city, but they are both searching for the same thing: something, anything, to bring their life some purpose. Aimlessly clicking, they serendipitously stumble across findr – a place for creating meaningful relationships.
They find a real connection with each other, but are they really themselves?

The world premiere of findr will see Adrian Kingwell’s song cycle brought to life for the stage.  Accompanied by a chamber ensemble, findr tackles how curiosity, boredom and insecurity colour the way we find love in the digital age.

DIRECTED BY:         Clemmence Williams
CAST:             Charlotte Devenport, Abe Mitchell
VIDEOGRAPHY:         Tom Crammond
MUSICIANS:         Luke Byrne, James Larsen, Samantha Mailer, Vanessa Tammetta

VENUE:             Eternity Playhouse
DATE:             28th April
TIMES:             3pm, 7:30pm
RUNNING TIME:         70 minutes
PRICE:             $30, $35, $40

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