Fundraiser gig for The Steven Walter Children’s Cancer Foundation

Saturday night, Samantha Warhurst (soprano) and I performed at a charity fundraiser event for the Steven Walter Children’s Cancer Foundation Fundraiser Event. Their vision is to see a “100% survival for all children with cancer and prevention of their suffering”.

For every 10 children diagnosed with cancer, three do not survive and here in Australia, that translates to three children losing their lives to cancer every week. Of those children who survive, many will have chronic health problems as a direct result of their treatments.

Since 2000, the Foundation has been committed to raising funds for much needed and vital cancer research, supporting the provision of a full range of clinical services to patients, tertiary care and health promotion and prevention programs for children and adolescents.

There has been significant improvement in the life expectancy of children post diagnosis, however research and clinical trials are essential to ensure that we are continually moving forward toward our goal of 100% survival for ALL children.

We raised some much-needed funds at this event, but there is still much research to be done to reach the goal of 100% survival for all children with cancer.   To find out more about the organisation, and to donate, click here.

Steven Walter Cancer Foundation gig Aug 2015

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