Australian Flute Festival 2011

Well I just finished up a very exciting weekend at the Australian Flute Festival in Canberra!  So many master classes to attend and concerts to see it was a feat to fit them all in… Highlights include seeing Aldo Baerten, Molly Barth and Denis Bouriakov perform in concert.  Molly is really into 20th Century extended techniques, and her concert gave inspiration for new composers to keep an ear out for (Salvatore Sciarrino, Frederic Rzewski and John Fonville to name a few).   Aldo is not only a dynamic performer but an equally articulate teacher, and  Denis of course was incredible in concert with his speedy fingers.

My favourite masterclass was ‘Inside a Flute Section’, run by members of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra Janet Webb, Rosamund Plummer and Lisa Osmialowski and their insights were very interesting on the different roles and challenges flautists face when playing in an orchestra.

Here is a sneaky photo from the final concert with all the artists performing new work ‘Angry Tunes’ by Michael Rosiak.  It was a fun piece based on the iPhone app Angry Birds! (You can see Peter Sheridan up the back playing his contra bass flute!).

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