Arrivederci (per adesso) Roma!

Goodbye (for now) Rome!
First of all, sorry for not having posted sooner, but the Internet connection in the hotels around here is DODGY! Which is to be expected I guess if you are only paying one euro for limitless Internet usage!
Secondly, a big shout out to all the musicians, dancers, singers and especially the backstage helpers of the Rome Festival: somehow we have all (just!) survived an insane schedule of long rehearsals outdoors in 36* heat and above, and concerts every night for 3 weeks. The last concert went off without a hitch (Brahms’ Fourth Symphony, Ravel’s La Valse, selected Carmen Suites and Handel’s Messiah as the Encore) and I made sure to celebrate in proper Italian style afterwards- Peroni at the pub, followed by a scooter ride around Rome at night (Grazie Luca!). So, congrazulazioni to all for having helped produce a wonderul summer festival of classical music, I have had an incredibly fun and rewarding time playing and laughing with all of you. I hope to see all of you again very soon, in Italy or Australia! Now everyone take their 90c carton wine from the Despar supermercato and celebrate! Salute!

Relaxing with friends from the Rome Festival Opera and Orchestra at Villa Borghese.

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